Requirements to complete VT’s Internship Program

This program is designed to prepare for your future job scenarios. VT requires you to commit to 8 - 10 hours weekly and complete all graded assignments. We expect and encourage interns to reach out to proctors if you need extra time to complete weekly graded assignments. Interns who are unable to earn weekly grades are automatically disqualified and removed from the internship program if they have not proactively reached out to proctors.
Weekly graded requirements to pass the internship program:

  • Participation in weekly discussion: This enables interns to build a professional network (community) and learn to collaborate with a team.
  • Weekly assignments: designed per a course to test your acquired knowledge. This is a framework to train interns about end-to-end task delivery in a given time.
  • Weekly Progress Reporting: reporting is a crucial part of any organization. Consider this as a time card so you get in the habit of reporting your task completion or progress.
  • Virtual Classroom hours: proctors will weekly review courses and answer questions and will cover the schedule for the following week. This is the opportunity to exchange with other interns, proctors and subject matter experts. A calendar of the weekly virtual classrooms will be shared at the beginning of each internship program (orientation day).

Qualifications Requirements

  • High School Diploma (equivalent to grade 12)
  • Access to a computer
  • Access to internet
  • Desire to be part of a professional network and a team player


This is an unpaid internship program. We neither charge nor pay for internships.

  • Upon successful completion, earn a digital certificate
  • Network with a world-class like minded community
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Give yourself an edge in the job market
  • Develop and refine cybersecurity skills