Virtually Testing is a California, USA based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to serve a cybersecurity-focused community by organizing speaker events, hands-on workshops, conferences, etc. We have developed a special internship program to allow individuals to leverage our community and learn about cybersecurity and perhaps take a life of career swing. We are offering the community an opportunity to develop cybersecurity skills or learn from scratch to successfully access a competitive trending industry. VT also mentors and trains their interns to be in leadership and management roles by sharing real-world experiences and practicing through decision-making exercises. Our intern program can adapt to interns ambitions and commitment. Virtually Testing also provides fiscal sponsorship, governance, board advisors and technical resources for new communities or established non-profit organizations.


Our mission is to help community.


We are delivering cyber security education. We host white papers, collaboration meetings, seminars, conferences, hand-on workshops and on-demand learning for our community. Our mentorship programs helps community members to grow in cyber security industry.


Starting and administering a new nonprofit is expensive and time-consuming. Start soliciting grants and donations without having to build a tax-exempt organization to support the project.


Join and be part of community sourced working groups. Innovation group works with partners to test new solutions. Also, working with our partners and community we test different solutions to solve community raised security challenges.

ZeekU Learning Series

Fatema Bannat Wala

Zeek Community Leader

ZeekU is a hands on Zeek learning initiative by VT.

Learn Zeek NSM, it’s installation, bare minimum configuration and familiarizing with it’s directory structure.
Zeek logs analysis
Learn about Zeek Frameworks
Introduction to Zeek scripting and examples
Zeek Cluster architecture amd hands-on labs

Board Members

Long Voong

Chapter President

Abigail Bailey

Director of Operations

Sonia D. Castro

Director of Marketing

Vandana Verma

Board Member

Michael Wylie

Board Member

Jon Helmus

Board Member

Victor Monga